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Frequently Asked Questions - What To Expect

FAQs - What To Expect

Yes, we do offer archery hunts. This is a 7 day archery only hunt September 1-9. Any bull may be taken then. Muzzleloader season runs concurrently with rifle season - September 10- October 20th where there is a 6pt. or better restriction. Note, it is OK to also archery hunt during rifle season as we can put your into valleys where you will get little or no overlap with other hunters. Archery moose and mountain goat hunting begins in September.

The Bull River is a spectacular freestone rocky mountain river. Its crystal clear waters boast westslope cutthroat trout that will take a well presented fly. Many tributaries contain a few resident trout and also act as spawning streams for the trout in the Bull.  With a weed-free stone bottom, the dry fly action from numerous insect hatches is very good.   The summer season opens June 15 every year and the dry fly action carries right on through to mid October. The Bull River is packed full of healthy, wild, native cutthroat trout ranging from 14 to 18 inches with an occasional fish in the 20" range. The trout are very thick, "Big Shouldered" fish due to the single, barbless hook restriction and the high levels of insect productivity. See licensing requirements on the BC Ministry of Environment website.