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Frequently Asked Questions - Booking a Hunt

FAQs - Booking a Hunt

A $2000 up-front non-refundable deposit reserves your hunt. We then require the deposit to be 40% of the package price (i.e., not with all of the licenses and tags, taxes etc.) by January of the hunt year. This is non-refundable - but you can send a replacement. Please sign the contract and liability waiver on our website prior to sending the deposit.

We book hunters up to 4 years in advance. By booking early, you can lock into the prices at current rates. We generally review our prices every November.

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We would also be happy to provide you with references to call or e-mail – including people who harvested game and those who did not. Just give us a call, or fill out the form here – and we will send you an e-mail with names and contact information. To protect their privacy, we do not post the contact information of past clients on our website.

Our hunts have been featured 2 times on the Eastman’s Hunting Journal TV show and on "The Federal Experience" on Versus TV. A Grizzly Basin Outfitters moose hunt is scheduled to be on ESPN in 2009.

This is a difficult and sensitive topic – and one that we get all the time. Hunters often give their guides tips, and over the years, this has become standard practice in the industry. The amount of the tip varies greatly, but the average received by our guides is somewhere between 5 and 10% of the hunt package price.

You be the judge of what you want to give, if anything, and hunting guide understands that the amount can vary depending on the background of the hunter and the perceived success of the hunt. Also, it is our belief that the tip should not depend on getting an animal on the ground. You should base it on your perception of how hard the guide works for you and their knowledge and expertise (which we know will be top notch).