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Frequently Asked Questions - Trophy Care

FAQs - Trophy Care

We will take care of quartering and packing the animal out in field as well as any skinning and field caping.

You will cover the cost of having the meat butchered. Some hunters that live close choose to take the quartered meat with them. Alternatively, you can have the meat prepared by a local butcher in Kimberley. We would take care of delivering the meat to him. The butcher in Kimberley currently charges 40-45 cents/finished lb for basic cutting and wrapping. He also makes excellent sausage, which costs $2/lb . We will take care of getting him the quartered meat and he will cut it and freeze it before you leave. If there is not enough time to get the butchering and freezing done, the meat can be shipped to you (shipping charges would apply). We take as much meat as we can out of the bush (and what is required by law), but you may take home what you want. Whatever meat you do not use, will be either donated to a local food bank, or consumed by the guides and their families. You only have to pay the butcher for what you want to take home.

This is a personal preference. Many people have their favorite local taxidermist and prefer to take their trophy there. However, we can arrange to get your trophy to a local taxidermist who will take care of mounting and shipping the trophy to you (including any paperwork for crossing the border).

Airlines charge a range of fees for excess baggage (i.e., for more than 2 pieces of checked in luggage). The fees currently range from a low of $25 on Southwest Airlines, to a high of $100 on Continental. Most airlines charge $50 per extra piece. In addition, any individual piece of baggage that is over 50 pounds is charged an extra $25-$50. Check with your airline of choice on its specific policy.