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The Right Choice For Big Game Hunting

While the opportunity for any given week can vary based on weather and physical ability of the hunter Grizzly Basin Outfitters has a great success rate for all hunts.

Rocky Mountain Elk

Rocky Mountain Elk
Rocky Mountain Elk:  Terrific success on Bull Elk traditionally 70-80% Success on our bull Elk. 2012 took two Bulls over 340,  See numerous Elk daily,  Lots of calling and action.

Mule Deer and Whitetail:  World class trophies for both species of deer - especially good during late season hunts,  Expect 160-170 class Mule deer with potential for 200, and 125-135 class whitetail with potential for 170.

Shiras moose:  Excellent- 100% historical success  40-55" Bulls.  Great late season hunt.  Especially good when combo w/ Mule deer.

Rocky Mountain Goat:  Excellent - 100% success.  Usually late season hunt, We see numerous Billies every day.  Great combo w/ Mule deer or Elk.

Interior Mountain Grizzly

Interior Mountain Grizzly
Mountain Grizzly Bear:  Excellent - 80%+ success.  A true adventure.  Lots of huge boars chasing sows around in the spring.  Expect 7-8 foot Bears.  Last one taken was 8'6".  Hunt of a lifetime.

Black Bear:  100% success on spring hunt (2-bear limit).  Lots of color phase bears Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blonde.

Rocky Bighorn Sheep:  Usually done Mid- Late Oct.  See numerous sheep daily.  Last Sheep harvested was B&C.

Cougar, bobcat, lynx and wolf:  Great winter hunt.  Done with hounds.  With good conditions it is not uncommon to have multiple chases in one day.  We have amazing cougar population.  

Transportation used to access hunting area each day:  Almost exclusively by horseback.

Average distance of shots:  250-300 yards.

Size of hunting territory:  ~183 sq. miles (= 118,000 acres or 476 sq. KM)