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Dan Schulse, Texas

My hunt with Travis Crabbe and the Grizzly Mountain Outfitters was full of scenic, epic adventure. Safety, organization, skill, comfort, hot tasty meals were all a part of my experience. Our hunt started off with good weather and close encounters with all manner of Canadian Rocky wildlife. However, the weather is always a factor and it managed to work against us for the remainder of our hunt. Travis kept telling me that hard work and persistence pays off. Sure enough, the last day, the last hour, we killed a trophy bull elk. It was not easy but we did it. That bull is with a local Canadian taxidermist and next going to be displayed in my home in Texas. Other hunters could have it easier than me, depending on their timing. Even if conditions are difficult, I never saw a person work so hard and so smart as Travis Crabbe. Travis and his select chosen group of guides truly have the mountaineering skills to succeed. It was a memory that I will always treasure. To hunt again with Travis will always be on my mind.                          

                                                                                                                                               Daniel C. Schulse, Texas, 2013 Elk hunt

John W. Home, Beaumont, Texas

My son and I had booked our 7 day Cougar hunts with Grizzly Basin Outfitters and arrived awestruck in the pristine Kootenay Rockies, very different from our home in SE Texas. I will admit that I was initially unsure about my ability to be successful in this terrain and felt a 68 year old, overweight flatlander might ought to stay in Texas where the highest thing is a power pole. Logan Peasley, our guide, had a very different view of what we were about to accomplish. For the next 8 days, Logan pushed on tirelessly with us in 12 hour days of searching for that shooter Tom. We cut numerous tracks but as chance may have it, never the one we were after. We treed a couple of females for pure fun, but the variable and somewhat abnormal weather conditions, made it tough and my son had to return home with no cat but a ton of great experiences. Logan and I agreed to keep hunting and on the eleventh day, we found ourselves and the dogs looking up at the right tree and the right Tom. Throughout our hunt, Logan changed up, ramped up and added resources until success became inevitable. But pulling the trigger is not the only measure of a great trip. During this hunt we saw some of the most beautiful country imaginable, elk, deer, moose and even sheep, frozen waterfalls and an amazing snow bound mountain environment worthy of a trip perhaps without a rifle. We also made some very good friends. So, my awesome Cougar is at a Taxidermist in Cranbrook and I cannot wait to see him again…in Texas. They say if you want a successful hunt go to the right area and hunt with a “hunter”. Logan Peasley of Grizzly Basin is that and more. Thank you for everything,

                                                                                                                     John W. Home, Beaumont, Texas  Cougar Hunt 2014

Eric Ahlgren, Wisconsin

Just writing this to thank you and your guides for the great Archery Shiras Moose hunt I had in 2013.  It was officially scored at 142 B&C and will look great on the wall.  You truly live in God's country.  The scenery and views are amazing and for a true wilderness experience I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking to hunt with you.  Additionally, the accommodations are beyond what would be expected with the great cabins to rest, dry out and recharge in.  My guide Aaron worked extremely hard and has an ability to spot game unlike anyone I've ever seen.  We saw numerous moose, grizzly, elk and goats while glassing which really added to the enjoyment of the hunt.  I'd highly recommend this for anyone looking for a great adventure and hunt.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2014 for an Archery elk hunt.                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                     Eric Ahlgren, Wisconsin

                                                                                                                                                     Shiras Moose Hunt (archery), 2013



Stein Ove Rasmussen, Norway

Hunting with Grizzly Basin Outfitters in BC Canada was an experience of a lifetime. We were met by fantastic mountains and nature in the hunting area, and the guides did all that we could hope and expect to have a great hunt.  The experience of watching grizzly, black bear, elk, moose and mountain goat every day was just amazing.  I have never hunted in Canada earlier, but if I'm going hunting again abroad, it will be with Grizzly Basin Outfitters.  We were 5 hunters and got 2 black bears, 3 Elks (6x6) and 1 mule deer thanks to the very good and professional guides.
I can only offer my strongest and best recommendations for others considering this hunting.


                                                                                                                                                  Stein Ove Rasmussen, Norway

                                                                                                                                                  2013 Black Bear Hunt

Kjetil (Beef) Vinje, Norway

This was my first hunting-experience in Canada, and hunting with Grizzly Basin Outfitters met absolutely all my expectations, and beyond.  The hunting area was truly unique and impressive by all measures, and we had frequent game encounters.  Travis and his guides were very professional and offered you as hunter the best hunting experience you can ever hope for.  The hunting was well planned and delivered in a way that allowed the hunter to be involved and make proposals, and I was fortunate and got my elk ( 6X6) and a nice black bear.  If I was to find one "concern" to mention, it will be that it will be almost impossible to match this fantastic experience, as I cannot imagine how a hunting experience like this can be better!   Any future hunting in Canada  will solely be with Travis and Grizzly Basin Outfitters. 


                                                                                                                                                            Kjetil Vinje , Norway

                                                                                                                                                            2013 Elk Hunt

Dag Arve Gisholt, Norway

A great thanks you to Travis and his team for giving me the hunting experience of my life.  The fantastic scenery, the camps, "my" horse Mo and all the wild game we observed at close range is the dream for every hunter.  The wild nature and the sounds of the great elks thru the deep valleys of Rocky Mountains makes me think this must be the greatest and most fantastic hunting area in the world.  The fantastic hunting experience has offered me good memories for life, and I hope others will take this opportunity to experience what I did.

                                                                                                                                              Dag Arve (Dave) Gisholt, Norway,  

                                                                                                                                              Elk Hunt 2013

Terje Skauen, Norway


“Hunting with Grizzly Basin Outfitters offers a truly unique and exiting “once in a lifetime”-experience similar to the Best of the Best.  I have been hunting with several other outfitters in Canada, and have never experienced anything similar to this great wilderness deep into the Rocky Mountains as offered with this outfitter.  The owner (Travis) and the guides were all very professional, friendly and dedicated beyond expectations, while contributing to a successful hunt for catching my elk, and the use of horses during parts of the hunting just added just touch of “Wild West” that so many hunters are looking for.   Here you will find it all, and I will be back later.”

                                                                                                                                                  Terje Skauen, Norway Elk Hunt 2013

Tim Foster - Field Director, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

I really enjoyed my hunt on the Grizzly Basin side and hope to give Sawtooth a try. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Tim Foster - Field Director,
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Hillesdale - NY
2007 - Grizzly Basin Trophy mule deer and whitetail hunt

Ike Eastman, Eastman's Hunting Journal

Mountain goat hunting at its finest! It's been a dream for 15 years. Got a chance to hunt with Sawtooth Outfitters and Grizzly Basin... it was unbelievable

Ike Eastman, Eastman's Hunting Journal
2006 Grizzly Basin Mountain goat hunt
Watch Ike Eastman's mountain goat hunt by clicking on this link

Mark Ascott, Gravenhurst, Ontario

Totally awesome adventure! My wish list for the trip was to ride horseback through the Rockies and see lots of elk, a grizzly bear, and to go shed hunting. We saw elk every day, sometimes up to 20 in a day and I lost count of the number of legal 6 pt bulls I could have shot. Saw a huge grizzly at 70 yrds with lots of time to enjoy watching him. Travis and his guides listen when you tell them the experience you are looking for and do everything in their power to provide you with what you want your hunt to be. Great scenery, great friends, good food, comfortable lodgings. Five star hunt in my books!!

Mark Ascott
Gravenhurst, Ontario 1-705-687-0496
2010, Grizzly Basin elk hunt

George Schneider, Sundre, Alberta

Thanks for a wonderful Elk hunt Travis. My guide Aaron had us on nice bulls on the first hour of our hunt until we took a nice 5x6 on day four. The country was some of the best I have ever hunted and the scenery we horseback rode in each day was breathtaking. A special thanks to your wife for the lovely home cooked meals at main lodge. Keep in touch and see you next year!

George Schneider, Sundre, Alberta
2010, Grizzly Basin elk hunt