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John W. Home, Beaumont, Texas

My son and I had booked our 7 day Cougar hunts with Grizzly Basin Outfitters and arrived awestruck in the pristine Kootenay Rockies, very different from our home in SE Texas. I will admit that I was initially unsure about my ability to be successful in this terrain and felt a 68 year old, overweight flatlander might ought to stay in Texas where the highest thing is a power pole. Logan Peasley, our guide, had a very different view of what we were about to accomplish. For the next 8 days, Logan pushed on tirelessly with us in 12 hour days of searching for that shooter Tom. We cut numerous tracks but as chance may have it, never the one we were after. We treed a couple of females for pure fun, but the variable and somewhat abnormal weather conditions, made it tough and my son had to return home with no cat but a ton of great experiences. Logan and I agreed to keep hunting and on the eleventh day, we found ourselves and the dogs looking up at the right tree and the right Tom. Throughout our hunt, Logan changed up, ramped up and added resources until success became inevitable. But pulling the trigger is not the only measure of a great trip. During this hunt we saw some of the most beautiful country imaginable, elk, deer, moose and even sheep, frozen waterfalls and an amazing snow bound mountain environment worthy of a trip perhaps without a rifle. We also made some very good friends. So, my awesome Cougar is at a Taxidermist in Cranbrook and I cannot wait to see him again…in Texas. They say if you want a successful hunt go to the right area and hunt with a “hunter”. Logan Peasley of Grizzly Basin is that and more. Thank you for everything,

                                                                                                                     John W. Home, Beaumont, Texas  Cougar Hunt 2014