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Dan Schulse, Texas

My hunt with Travis Crabbe and the Grizzly Mountain Outfitters was full of scenic, epic adventure. Safety, organization, skill, comfort, hot tasty meals were all a part of my experience. Our hunt started off with good weather and close encounters with all manner of Canadian Rocky wildlife. However, the weather is always a factor and it managed to work against us for the remainder of our hunt. Travis kept telling me that hard work and persistence pays off. Sure enough, the last day, the last hour, we killed a trophy bull elk. It was not easy but we did it. That bull is with a local Canadian taxidermist and next going to be displayed in my home in Texas. Other hunters could have it easier than me, depending on their timing. Even if conditions are difficult, I never saw a person work so hard and so smart as Travis Crabbe. Travis and his select chosen group of guides truly have the mountaineering skills to succeed. It was a memory that I will always treasure. To hunt again with Travis will always be on my mind.                          

                                                                                                                                               Daniel C. Schulse, Texas, 2013 Elk hunt